Web3D visualizations of corrosion pits development in a SLM 3D-printed low-density SS316 sample


Jianli Li, Anthony E. Hughes, Y. S. Yang, Majid Laleh, Haipeng Wang, Xufang Zhang, Jie Ma, Wei Xu, and Mike Y. Tan


This collection contains online interactive Web3D visualizations of the original porosity clusters and corrosion pits in a selective-laser-melting (SLM) 3D-printed low density (98.77% relative density) SS316L sample. The corrosion pits were formed by immersing the sample in a 6 wt% ferric chloride solution. The sample is taken out of the solution after every 8 hours for X-ray CT and DCM analysis.


The following are clickable icons for Web3D visualizations of the low-density SS316 sample at specified immersion time (IT) and experiment time (ET). The experimental time includes immersion, X-ray CT and sample handling time.